Flea market excitement!

I only bought the palomino jewelry box, but was very tempted by the frog salt and pepper shakers and especially those creepy chihuahua towels for my spare bathroom.

The horse mural was pretty but too expensive or I would’ve bought it as well :)

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Sometimes I think it would be fun to board at a barn where people dress kinda nice even just to school. Like, I love wearing polos and tucking in my shirt with a belt, but no one at my barn does it so I don’t feel like I should.

Maybe I’ll stop caring about what other people think and just do it anyway because it’s not affecting anyone but myself. :P

However, when it’s super hot in the summer I do love being able to go out to the barn in my tank top and holey worn breeches and not have anyone care. :)

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All Grown Up: Doug

This one’s for us 90’s kids!!! Killer Tofu Bitches!!

See more All Grown Up drawings HERE

Pony selfies are the best kind <3

Also, first picture of us together since becoming official!

Pony selfies are the best kind <3

Also, first picture of us together since becoming official!


Mister Rogers I love you

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Not gonna lie, I’m kinda excited about the after school PD today because I know there will be snacks.

In other news, no middle schoolers the rest of the day also means no classes for me for the rest of the day. Yay for an easy Monday. :)

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Middle Earth Travel Posters - Created by The Green Dragon Inn

Prints are available for sale on Etsy.

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Pony love #navigator #horse #love

Pony love #navigator #horse #love


I spoke too soon.


I spoke too soon.

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I kinda want to roach Nav’s mane, not sure why, it’s just something I’ve always wanted to do, and now that he’s actually mine I could do it but I feel like people at the barn and his previous owner would judge me. Even though they wouldn’t.

I feel like I have to ask permission to do things with him even though I don’t anymore.

It is still hard to wrap my head around the idea that he is my horse now.




I will always use this irl if I can.



am I the only equestrian who has literally zero desire to ever date a male equestrian. 

nope, I feel the exact same way. 

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